Doce Pares was founded on January 11, 1932 by a small group of Eskrima Masters spearheaded by Eulogio Cañete, Lorenzo Saavedra and Teodoro Saavedra. Although twelve of them originally formed the group,  shortly after its inauguration on 21st January that year the membership rose to twenty-four.

Eulogio Cañete and Teodoro Saavedra were elected as President and Vice President respectively. Other elected officers and original members were Fortunato Peñalosa, Marcelo Verano, Deogracias Nadela, Strong Tupas, Rodolfo Quijano, Pio Deiparine, Florentino Cañete, Felimon Cañete, Juanito Lauron, Federico Saavedra, Cecilio Dela Victoria, Lorenzo Saavedra, Margarito Revilles and Anastacio Deiparine.

The name Doce Pares was adopted in reference to the famous twelve bodyguards of Emperor Charlemagne of France (AD 768-814). These twelve people, all top swordsmen, were known to have fought and killed hundreds of enemies in battles.

Doce Pares, which is Spanish for “twelve pairs”, was meant also to honour the twelve people who originally planned to form the organization and when the membership rose to twenty four at thetime of the inauguration, it indeed became more significantly fitting.

The Doce Pares group trained the styles of these Masters covering all the combat ranges and weapons utilised.

The Doce Pares Eskrimadors became adept at both armed and unarmed combat and were widely known and highly respected throughout Cebu and the Visayan Islands.

Doce Pares members took part in the Eskrima Wars which saw groups battling each other with great  regularity and/or Death Matches between individuals.

Because of the variation of training, academy members are able to choose an individual direction that suits their needs. With an extended hand of friendship & a warm welcome for everyone. Whether your ‘GOAL’ is Fitness, Self Defence ,Socialising or Competition we have a specialised area to suit you.