Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Kickboxing,Kali, Hit Fit and Doce Pares Multi Style System

Training 24/7 Anywhere In The World

I am pleased to announce that the Jeet Kune Do Kali Center Online University/Distance Learning Program Curriculum is now complete for our adult learning principles/theories and online learning programs.

To All JKD friends and martial art colleagues around the world

I currently receive many emails from around the world asking about online instruction since they don’t have schools in their area. This is a totally unique program, as it’s structure enables you to experience the exploration of martial arts which the greatest martial artist of our time followed – BRUCE LEE. The curriculum consists of Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu eventually reaching his own methodology of Jeet Kune Do. This he continued to research and improve up to his death in 1973.


I’ve heard the comments like… these programs don’t work, but if STRUCTURED CORRECTLY they will. I solely disagree with the online training programes that also offer ONLINE TESTING  This will not and cannot work due to the need to experience various energy and pressures etc. (So please don’t fall for the online testing…all you are doing is paying for a piece of paper…not acquiring a skill)  We are dedicated to helping students who are unable to find a place to train and help them by the Online University/Distance learning Program however we do NOT SELL certification you must test personally.

And that’s where the Online University and Distance Learning Program is different.

This is where we believe the Online University and Distance Learning Program will help practitioners all over the world realize their dream of learning Jun Fan Gung Fu and JKD.  Participation is literally global, with members around the world.


Our program is challenging, rewarding, and fully focused on the methodology and principals to maxamise your individual progression. so that you reach that goal. Our program works just like you would experience if you were physically at our academy.

At the JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER Online University/Distance Learning Program, it is our our vision to provide training just as we do in the gym: you can go step-by-step through the videos for precise and detailed information. Also please remember I’m always here to answer any questions. In fact, I suggest that we arrange regular feedback sessions so that I know you’re training correctly and following the  principals and methodology as outlined in the program.

With your training being 24/7 all videos are available to download to any device.

The reason we have chosen  online as opposed to  media is because I can make updates and add videos. Because it is online, I can make the updates and you get them instantly which is much better than waiting for material to be mailed to you.

The  program allows you to discover how easy it is to learn JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER Online University/Distance Learning Program,


Downloadable videos take you through step-by-step  JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU real-time  training. Train at your own pace, pause, rewind, and play over and over through the complete JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU  system.

Each Phase Level includes breakdowns of each section to ensure that every element is covered with precise and accurate details. Your training begins with Phase 1 and details of who we are, how the curriculum is structured and what you can expect.

Section 1: The understanding of learning Phase 1 principals of  Jun Fan Gung Fu progressing in to Jeet Kune Do and the process of application into training.

Section2:  Training- Although there are NO forms in Jeet Kune Do, because you are following the journey made by Bruce Lee we feel that it is important to understand Jun  Fan Gung Fu and beyond.

Section 3: Specialized Training. Utilizing the many pad work sessions, within the JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU.

Section 4: Staying Relaxed – any training requires a calm, relaxed, explosive nature in order to deliver your fighting method

Section 5 : Create Individual Power – learn how deliver extraordinary power in your punches and kicks with correct angles and body placement.

Section 6: Reality – Many students approach their training from an unrealistic viewpoint, it is important to study varying combat ranges  ie: close range…mid range and long range. All altercations start at different ranges, therefore it is important to go between them comfortably and easily.

Section 7 : Pressure Testing – The ability whilst under pressure at ALL ranges.

Whether you access your training from HOME, WORK, or on the ROAD, our programs are always available. In today’s world of technology, everything is available at the touch of a button.

The proceeding phase levels 2-10 follow the above when you successfully complete the Level 1. You will receive the next level to begin your progressional advancement to that level and so on.


Stay in touch with students around the world with JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU members-only forum. This forum includes helpful JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU training tips and advice on all aspects of  training, as well as reviews of training equipment and media.


There are TWO member-only training camps held every year: Each at a Guest Location, whilst not mandatory, our members are encouraged to attend the camps in order to get PERSONAL TRAINING and TEST with myself and train your JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU family from around the world. Camps are 4 very intensive days of training for each level. This means that no matter what your level, you will always receive hands-on personal training for your phase, plus the next.

These are CLOSED camps and not open to the public. They are made available only to JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU members so that our members can get personal and group training.


Regardless of where we all happen to live, all members of the JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER are one ‘FAMILY’. Therefore, we make no distinction between a student personally here and a student in our Online University/Distance Learning Program

All of our phase recognition is standard throughout our organisation. There are no deviations between certification issued here or around the world.

Working with the JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER Online University/Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Program is efficient, easy, and very straight-forward.Your JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU journey begins with Phase 1. Simply access your secured member-only training area. Download the study guide and videos (or access online, too!), and then work through each video in order.You will also be using the JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER videos, but please remember that I’m only a phone call away.
When you’re ready to test, you normally have have multiple options: private webcam session, videos sent through email, videos posted on YouTube or DropBox, and even videos burned to DVD. Normally the choice is yours, however whilst you can learn through the online university etc it is important to understand that you cannot test the same way. You MUST experience the HANDS ON for yourself and for me as the instructor to feel that the energies are correct.(YOU CANNOT TEST BY VIDEO CORRECTLY...dont get fooled)
After passing each rank, you will receive your certificate and then receive access to the next phase level for continuation through the curriculum.  If further study needs to be done, I will guide you through what is required.


But at JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER you won’t find such exorbitant fees, we like our program to be available for everyone. I believe that JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER training should not only be easily accessible, but also affordable. You’re here because you want to learn JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU I only want those that have a true desire and passion to make a real difference for themselves of Step-by-step training videos through each phase curriculumJEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU.
Secured Members-Only section
Private webcam sessions for feedback & technique corrections.
Invitation to all annual -JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER training camps worldwide.
Official- rank recognition & certification.

Cost for the program is £30.00GBP to enrol, £20.00GBP per month.
Our program is all about supporting you to realize your dream of learning  JEET KUNE DO/JUN FAN GUNG FU and doing it in a way that fits in with your lifestyle.

I look forward to helping and assisting you on your  journey.

 Sifu/Guro Mike Gray

Remember, the JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTER Online University/Distance Learning Program is intended only for those that actually want to learn the JOURNEY OF BRUCE LEE. It is a step-by-step progressive journey, and you will be provided with all of the tools you need to make that happen.

Minimum System Requirements

All training material is available in PDF format. While you can view online and on all devices, ensure the device of choice can view PDF-formatted documents prior to enrolment.

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