Thank you for your interest in becoming part of JKD KALI CENTER We are proud to be able to offer a program structure that will provide academies/schools the support, guidance and lineage required to establish and operate a successful Affiliate Program. We provide a structured technical curriculum that not only prepares students for the journey ahead, butpaves the way for a completely new martial art experience.

JKD KALI CENTER  a world class organization dedicated to promoting the principals & philosophies of the Late BRUCE LEE through the methodology and teachings of Guro DAN INOSANTO. With superior instruction and guidance from Sifu/Guro MIKE GRAY.

Be part of our scientific comprehensive approach and methodology for both teaching and running a successful and profitable martial arts program.


As part of the JKD KALI CENTER  you will be part of an organization which perpetuates the teachings of arguably one of the most influential martial artist’s of all time.
1) You will receive a international curriculum handbook.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2) International Association seminars & camps
3) Discounts on association t-shirts and merchandise. These items can be purchased during seminars at a discounted rate and can be sold to students for a profit.
4) Official printed Phase Certificates endorsed by Guro Mike Gray. As an official member of the association you will receive an Association School Certificate & Student Phase certification. 


Ability to host Seminars with Guro Mike Gray, as a member of  JKD KALI CENTER 

Instructional Support: Also as an affiliate, you will have access to teaching and coaching/training materials.
This includes Instructional DVDs, Phase Curriculum and Phase testing requirements, and various lesson plans for you to use in your academy/school.


  • Monthly Fee: This does NOT APPLY.. AFFILIATION IS FREE at any time within your academy/school affiliation. Instead of paying a monthly/yearly fee it is our opinion that it is more important to visit your academy/school personally to monitor the correct progression of both instructor and students. We would request that this is undertaken ONCE  per year

Seminar Requirements: Flight Tickets, Hotel, £300 GBP per seminar. Seminars usually run £35.00- £40.00 per person based on 4 hours. Anything over is profit for the instructor.


To be eligible you would need to have at least 3 years martial art experience. With either a current established school wishing to start a JEET KUNE DO KALI section or have a venue to set up a school.

Phase Test: All Phase tests will be conducted by the Principal and fee’s are upon request.


Although there are Official  JKD KALI CENTERShirts which students must have, each Academy/School are encouraged to have their own individual designs.


 JEET KUNE DO KALI CENTERS provide the foremost instruction, leadership and guidance needed to help your academy/school grow.
Learn how to attract new students, maintain existing students and network with the other the globalJKD KALI CENTER FAMILY”.

Our mission is to grow this organization into the most distinguished family in the world.

Through hard work, consistent training, excellent instruction, and teamwork we can all achieve this goal. Working together for the preservation of SIJO BRUCE LEE”S art….not to be forgotten.