Our academy are proud to present you the opportunity to follow in the foot steps of the ‘legendary’ Bruce Lee. Arguably one of the best martial artists in the world. The curriculum has been designed to progress through a structure that works on the principals and methodology of progressive training.                        

My teachers, Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Rick Faye have explained previously that to understand Jeet Kune Do you need to study Wing Chun, as that is the core of Bruce Lee’s way of training. You will then continue your journey with the transition into Jun Fan Gung Fu which is Bruce Lee individual understanding of Wing Chun. Your exploration will then move to Jeet Kune Do, this is Bruce Lee’s individual expression of fighting. Many may remember the famous saying in the movie Enter The Dragon…the Art of Fighting without Fighting . I can promise that this journey will be your enlightenment in the arts.                                                                           

Ideal for the WHOLE family, with benefits such as Self Defence, Fitness, Co-Ordination, Health through Chi Gung breathing,. And because this particular system of training is beneficial to the body you are able to continue training all of your life, even into the twilight years.

We are also able to offer trips to Fatshan and Hong Kong to train with the Grand Masters of the arts, see the sights and visit Grand Master Ip Man’s resting place.