YY%20ideogrammi%20neri%20copiaJEET KUNE DO – Under the auspice of Guro Dan Inosanto & Sifu Rick Faye.

Learn the highest  of martial arts training available with a connection to an authentic lineage.

Learn the art and science of Jeet Kune Do Concepts, as perpetuated by Guro Dan Inosanto. Which follow the revelations of Bruce Lee’s amazing system for maximising you’re fighting potential. Whether you are a practicing martial artist or beginner-whatever tools you already have J.K.D concepts gives you a powerful new frame work in which to dominate and explore your technique.

From the beginning foundation you will learn the basis from positional stancing to footwork and how to deploy the various tools with progression to the five ways of attack. Feints, and false attacks,target zones and sensitivity training.

Concluding with sophisticated counter-attack training in the key areas of defence, timing, rhythm and distance. Whilst learning parrying, hitting-skills stop-hit, time-hit, evasion, broken-rhythm and much more, covering speed, power, endurance,   co-ordination and tactical guidelines and strategies.

We have just started classes for Little Dragons…for Boys & Girls from 6 years – 16 years. Learn the martial art of the Worlds most famous martial artist BRUCE LEE. Which is now perpetuated by  Guro Dan Inosanto in Los Angeles U.S. A   The curriculum will include – JUN FAN KICKBOXING, WRESTLING,GROUND FIGHTING, JUJITSU. All classes are from our academy with a structured curriculum which is informative & fun for everybody. All of these arts promote – FITNESS, FLEXIBILITY, CO-ORDINATION, AGILITY, CONCENTRATION, DISCIPLINE & Much more. And for the more adventurous  various competitions  such as – Kickboxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling Come along and train at an Academy that is FUN & INFORMATIVE

Our instructor is a certified instructor under GURO DAN INOSANTO of THE INOSANTO ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS and SIFU RICK FAYE OF THE MINNESOTA KALI INTERNATIONAL……. We have lineage directly back to Bruce Lee.







HAYASTAN imagesCATBLOVBMMA – Under the auspice of Sensei Gokor Chivichyan, Sensei Gene LeBell & Sensei Benny The Jet Urquidez.

We are currently part of Team HAYASTAN MMA – under the auspice of  ‘THE ARMENIAN ASSASSIN  GOKOR CHIVICHYAN and ‘ THE TOUGHEST MAN ALIVE ‘JUDO’ GENE LEBELL also the great BENNY THE JET  URQUIDEZ  which enables us to participate in all formats of competitions.


  MIKE with  Sensei Gokor @ the 1st  Hayastan United Kingdom Seminar


images-5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 From our academy we represent GUBA DOCE PARES INTERNATIONAL – SOUTH COAST

Daniel ‘Danny’ Guba is a Filipino martial artist and a leading practitioner of Ekrima-Kali-Arnis.
Danny Guba is a 5 time World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation World Champion and the founder of his own style of Doce Pares Eskrima, namely Guba Doce Pares.

 The Guba Doce Pares style is taught through Sgm Danny Guba. The international organisation offers support to instructors around the world and those wishing to find an authentic and registered club.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The organisation arranges seminars, workshops, tournaments and charity events but has no involvement in the running of instructors’ clubs.



For details on private instruction, instructor training seminars / courses and info about clubs in your area, check this site out in the relevant areas and contact Mike for further details

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